PSE 2020 EVO NXT 33 Evolve Cam First Look Test Review by Mike's Archery

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Showing off the new 2020 PSE Archery Evo NXT 33 with Evolve Cam showing a quick run down of the specs and features of the bow.

PSE Archery Evolve Series Evo NXT 33 Evolve Cam Machined aluminum Riser Bow Specs. $1099.99 Retail
322-314 FPS
4.5 lbs Weight
7" Brace Height
33" Axle to Axle
Draw Length 26 1/2"-32"
80-90% Letoff
Available in 50lb, 60lb, 65lb, 70lb, or 80lb max weights
Max 10 Turns off Limb Bolts
6 color options
Mossy Oak Country
Kuiu Verde
First Lite Fusion
Realtree Edge

The all new EVO NXT series is a direct response to shooter feedback. The EVO NXT has Reduced hand shock, thanks to laid back limbs which cancel excess energy, producing a true dead-in-hand feel. A longer riser gives you a steadier hold. and it's the quietest bow we've ever made.
Our all new Comfort grip system gives you the choice of our proven, PSE engineered riser grip technology for lower torque, or our new molded grip overlay for greatest comfort. And our new lower stabilizer mount location increases the pendulum effect for a more accurate shot.

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