New Mazda CX-30 2020 Review Interior Exterior

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New Mazda CX-30 2020 Review Interior Exterior.

With the Skyactiv-X Mazda customers drive the future of gasoline engine technology
Skyactiv-X combines economy with powerful performance
Advantages of gasoline and diesel protect the environment and are fun
Cyndie Allemann, Skyactiv-X Ambassador, answers customer questions about this technology

The new Skyactiv X engines from Mazda are finally here. Especially important for Swiss customers: Thanks to all-wheel drive, they can even reach the top of the alpine hut in case of doubt.

The first models equipped with Skyactiv-X are already available from Mazda dealers in Switzerland. The new Mazda3 makes the beginning. Later, the new SUV model Mazda CX-30 will follow.

The Skyactiv-X combines the best of two worlds for many professionals. The Skyactiv-X with its 2.0 liter and four cylinders features Mazda's unique Spark Controlled Compression Ignition Technology (SPCCI), making it the world's first mass-produced gasoline engine to ignite a gasoline with auto-ignition a diesel combined. He has whopping 180 hp and brings it to a torque of 224 Nm.

This also shows that the revving response of the classic gasoline engine can be reconciled with the superior economy of a diesel. Most of the time, the engine is running in the aforementioned SPCCI mode, which maximizes economy. Only at peak engine power levels does the Skyactiv-X seamlessly switch to Spark Ignition mode, utilizing the power and power of the new Mazda technology - fast response, high power over a wide rpm range and sonorous engine noise with more torque, less fuel and less emissions. Thus, the typical driving pleasure never falls by the wayside, although at the same time the environment is relieved.

The high compression cuts the Skyactiv-X as a sophisticated gasoline engine on the bottom line even better than hybrid vehicles. The Skyactiv X satisfies an incredibly lean gas-air mixture of up to 44.1: 1 (ndr: 44.1 parts of air for one part of gasoline = Stoechiometrikverhältnis). This efficiency is unique worldwide. For comparison, conventional gasoline engines operate with a mix of 14.7: 1.

Since Mazda also consistently dispensed with the use of turbos, the vehicles are lighter and consume less fuel even with strong acceleration, as occurs in real-world conditions in road traffic. With regard to particle emissions, the classic pure naturally aspirated engine also has advantages. Mazda has not only succeeded in this point on the one hand to balance the performance and on the other hand, CO2 emissions and consumption in the best possible way.

In addition comes the standard equipment with Mazda M Hybrid. Introduced in Europe for the first time, this smart 24 Volt technology reduces fuel consumption, improves fuel efficiency and reduces emissions by generating energy from the deceleration process, which is then recycled and fed into the Capacitor, which in turn supports the combustion engine. In this way, up to 300 kJ can be recovered, while the power of the engine increases by 5 kW.

After the new generation of the Mazda3, the Mazda CX-30 is the second production model to take the next evolution of the Kodo design philosophy. The clear surfaces designed on the principle of "less is more" bring a new expression to the compact crossover SUV segment.The prices of the Mazda CX-30 start at 24,290 euros and the market launch will take place on 27 and 28 September 2019.

Measuring 4,395 mm in length, 1,795 mm in width, 1,540 mm in height and 2,655 mm in wheelbase, the Mazda CX-30 enters a new market segment for the brand. Positioned between the Mazda CX-3 and the Mazda CX-5, the model meets the needs of customers who want to combine compact urban dimensions with space and practicality.

The engine range of the Mazda CX-30 is made from the latest Skyactiv diesel and gasoline engines, including the new Skyactiv-X petrol engine with revolutionary Spark Plug Controlled Compression Ignition (SPCCI) combustion that combines the benefits of a conventional gasoline engine with the efficiency of a diesel engine. All engines can be combined with the six-speed manual transmission Skyactiv-MT or the six-speed automatic transmission Skyactiv-Drive. The gasoline engines are optionally available with four-wheel drive.

The Skyactiv engines combine exciting performance with high efficiency and environmental compatibility. Even today, the gasoline engines Skyactiv-X and Skyactiv-G meet the obligatory emission standard Euro 6d from 2021 onwards. They are fitted as standard with the new Mazda M Hybrid Mild Hybrid System, which uses the energy gained from deceleration to assist the combustion engine accelerate and save fuel.

The precise cooperation of the all-wheel system i-Activ AWD with the driving dynamics control G-Vectoring Control (GVC) ensures an even more pleasant and comfortable driving experience.

More information, pictures and the press kit for the new Mazda CX-30 can be found here.


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