Robbery Clash Thief Pranks Game - ENDING [Android - iOS] Gameplay - Walkthrough

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Robbery Clash Thief Pranks Game [Android - iOS] Gameplay - Walkthrough. You have a fabulous work here in the house with thief robbers. Don’t clash with robbers, it is not like other bank robbery or thief games. In this you just have to put yourself in a fun and amazing challenge with thieves & burglars.
Thief just wants to open the door. This is some special time to prank or clash with thief, Attach the wire with your door…
Here is electric current in the door for thief, Thief is no safer from your clash in robbery game. Take every revenge from thief in clash with thief robbery game. He loves to eat cake. Destroy thieves’ party, through a rat over his cake and run away before you are detected. In the bath tub mix oil for robber so he will be oily in bath tub. A perfect clash of robbers and you is awaiting if you are in front of each other. When robber is on the ladder your task is to cut the ladder from bottom so he will fall badly in this super thief simulator game.
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