Should You Go To Design School: Doing The Math on Education

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Should you go to design school? What you hope to learn in design school might not be what you actually learn in design school. Is going to a traditional private art school still the best way to learn design? This is a live, facilitated discussion about the state of design education.

Chris Do debunks many assumptions about what students expect to learn in school. He also suggests that students may find greater educational value in hiring "legends" in their field to mentor them versus paying tuition at a university.

Soft skills vs hard skills. What will you actually learn in school?

0:58 Cost versus value - the benefits of going to design school
3:52 The difference between "Soft Skills" and "Hard Skills"
8:24 When you have that degree on your resume, some people's perception of you may be changed
11:11 Creatives should consider their education in terms of tangible value
12:53 Art is a means of communication. Graphic Design can help express things that are intangible
14:40 Q:What would you pay $100k to get from design school?
15:51 By putting your unique design spin on well-known brands, you raise your value by association
16:20 Is your 90 second demo reel worth $1000 per second?
18:20 Butterfly effect networking versus Value building networks
20:15 Are you gaining good communication skills at design school?
21:40 How to work with legends of the design industry without an art degree
23:05 The New School: How to get a master's education and build valuable relationships at the same time.
27:33 If design schools are able quantify what an education cost, you should quantify what it's worth to you.
27:58 How to reach out to mentors: Be persistent and step outside your comfort zone with more effective means of communication.
30:33 How to change the design school education model via technology

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