My SCARY TEACHER School Prank - Gameplay - Walkthrough 1 [Android - IOS]

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Опубликован в 12 Jul 2020 / В Игры

My SCARY TEACHER School Prank - Gameplay - Walkthrough 1 [Android - IOS] Prank scary teacher who is your new spooky neighbor in this school spooky games. Welcome to hottest release of spooky games & scary teacher games. what's your worst nightmare ? going to school & finding your new scary teacher is very cruel & scary who punishes the kids in the meanest way possible. say hello scary teacher in creepy games & scary teacher games. you had enough of this, now you have decided to teach creepy teacher a lesson & make her taste her own medicine which is bitter, of course. evil teacher is your new spooky neighbor as she teaches in the school next to your house, so better get to the school where scary teacher is on the round in the school courtyard, prank her in the differents ways in the advance levels of spooky games. go to the classroom & put your bag in the classroom, now go to the director's office steal a common pin, go back to your class place it in her chair in this amazing scary games. However beware of the scary creepy teacher 3d because we have made evil teacher very intelligent by using advanced AI. so better be careful or you are going to be her next victim. because if she caught you, you are going to end up like the kid in your nightmare hanging upside down in her class in scary teacher games.
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