Neighbor Sponge Simulator: Secrete 3D [Lv 1 - 6] Completed

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Опубликован в 20 Jul 2020 / В Игры

Neighbor Sponge Simulator: Secrete 3D [Lv 1 - 6] Completed. You play this game with a guy whose name is Sponge Man neighbor to you. You stay in neighborhood and next to the neighbor sponge who is chef by profession. He has his unusually huge house neighbor with you. If you thought he was very kind neighbor sponge chef and will help you while cooking. He has a huge mustache and he always says hello to strangers in neighborhood as sponge man neighbor, but later he always detract and do some angry neighbor sponge behavior. You knows that he is owner of a fast food restaurant and crazy man neighbor sponge is chef. He has some special recipes and burgers in his house. You will notice that your new neighbor began to behave as secrete man because he is hiding his food and recipe from outside which he has stolen from another source. Mad Neighbor scary sponge always has some cameras around his house with some tight security. Chef sponge decides to beat everyone and detract everyone who will try to enter his sponge house mad neighbor.

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