SCARY SPONGE Neighbor 3D - Secret Escape Games [Android - IOS] Gameplay - Walkthrough

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SCARY SPONGE Neighbor 3D - Secret Escape Games [Android - IOS] Gameplay - Walkthrough. Get started to Scary Sponge Neighbor 3D - Secret Escape Games story and keep calm yourself! Hit dancing girl performing on Kiki challenge and stop Noisy Neighbor from Crazy Party. It’s perfectly fine to visit Terrible Neighbors House smash, time to say goodbye neighbor by smashing all. You’ll enjoy the Super High quality graphics with engaging bully boy animations. You play for a guy whose name is Bob. You came to the bottom neighborhood of the city and settled next to the sponge neighbor. You liked his unusually huge pineapple house. You thought he was very kind. He has a huge mustache and he always says hello to strangers in this Scary Sponge Neighbor 3D - Secret Escape Games.
Cheats of Scary Sponge Neighbor 3D - Secret Escape Games:
This is the extreme situation considering that all of the sudden the crime and many strange things are happening in the gangster building. You need to be extra careful. Suspicious activities are going on in the building. Keep an eye on everyone including your neighbors and people around you in the building? Stay alert and know those people who are involved in criminal activities. This is a fully mystery based game with a lot of dangers or deadly missions, weapons and escape from death. Stop annoying music and not to make a noise as you are getting disturbed. But he is not listening, now hit evil neighbor boy to party destruction & end his music system panic party so that they won’t be able to disturb any other in the town.
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