SECRET NEIGHBOR RIDDLER! ENDING! Gameplay - Walkthrough [Android - IOS]

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SECRET NEIGHBOR RIDDLER! ENDING! Gameplay - Walkthrough [Android - IOS] Play as a detective and expose the detective neighbor. This game is about a detective neighbor, we have to infiltrate his home alone and the rest of the city to find all his dark secrets and riddles hidden in hideout in different areas of neighborhood to destroy his mean image in the neighborhood. He is secretly doing a mischievous mission and has hidden his secrets in hideout in different areas and you have to catch him.  But be careful and enter his house secretly to avoid the detective neighbor so he doesn’t catch because he is home alone and can easily hear you otherwise he will become angry and shoot you and you will lose this dark detective game.
We start off outside detective neighbor home alone and have to find a crowbar. Use it to destroy window secretly and get inside. Then we go to the lounge and find the secrets of detective neighbor hidden in hideout behind the TV. Be very careful and secretly roam in the house as the neighbor is home alone and can hear you making ruckus in his house and destroy things. Now go to the kitchen and open the cupboard under the sink and find secret notes while avoiding him and not making any noise while you destroy his things in this dark detective game. Now go to his second home, destroy the window, and go to his bathroom and pick some clothes and find a briefcase under the clothes and grab it. Be careful and secretly perform all tasks so he doesn’t catch you because of silence in home alone or he will become angry. Then go to dining room and find a switch board. Take out the case of the board to find a key. Go outside home alone secretly to detective neighbor garden and find a box hidden in a hideout in plants, then use the key to destroy the box and find secret hideout  notes.
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