Tale of Two Schools: Race and Education on Long Island - Part 1

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Опубликован в 05 Oct 2019 / В Разное

Part 1 of our documentary, A TALE OF TWO SCHOOLS: Race and Education on Long Island, was produced for ERASE Racism by award-winning filmmaker David Van Taylor, Vice President of Lumiere Productions. It follows three high school senior boys: one African American student from a black district and an interracial pair of friends from a diverse, majority-white district. The film shows, in vivid human terms, how context determines educational experiences and outcomes—irrespective of the student's motivation and aptitude.

The goal of ERASE Racism's education equity campaign is to achieve high performing and racially integrated public schools throughout Long Island. Our research shows that the region is failing to provide the best education to all its students.

Visit: http://www.eraseracismny.org/ for more information

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