HELLO Crazy Mr MEATER - GamePlay - Walkthrough - Part 1 [Android - iOS]

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HELLO Crazy Mr MEATER - GamePlay - Walkthrough - Part 1 [Android - iOS] The Scary mr meat is back and this time he's closer than you think!
Try to cleverly formulate your escape from the room with the mr meat standing nearby - Fail and be doomed to serve the mr meat. Your adventures begin in an abandoned house of butcher type mr meat evil person. In these frightening halls, you are forced to participate in the mr meat’s bloody hunt. Only your paramount skills will allow you to avoid becoming a victim. The butcher who is Mr Meat’s soul is filled with dark rage, his presence spreads oppressive fear and deadly horror. Try to shelter yourself from his gaze. for eternity!  First of all it’s really challenging to enter into his house. Don’t worry pick a stone and throw it towards the hill to distract the butcher. Now enter into his house smartly by following the arrows. Now you are in butcher’s house.
It’s time to discover the thrillers of this butcher. You have to get out from this scary house of butcher and also you have to save the girl. Steal his favorite food and toss it outside. Pick the shovel and break into the shed through it. Enter into the shed and pick the night vision goggles. These will come in handy for your future missions. Its interesting activities will you give you a challenging thrill. His dog will also follow you, so keep an eye on dogs and mr butcher as well.
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