Unity RTSCamera (Mobile device 2)

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Юрий Антипов
Опубликован в 23 Nov 2019 / В Разное

RTS camera for mobile phones and computer with nice and smooth movement.This asset is best suited (but not limited) to tower defense, strategy or adventure type of games.

Unity Asset Store URL: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/camera/rtscamera-103490

- Pixel perfect touch camera drag
- Zoom in / out
- Two finger drag (ˇ^ / ^ˇ) to rotate the camera
- Two finger drag (^^ / ˇˇ) to raise / lower camera x rotation
- Supports perspective and orthographic cameras
- Demo scene
- Custom inspectors to help you tune the asset more efficiently
- Mouse emulation for convenient computer development
- source code full C #

Easy setup:
- Drag and drop camera prefab in to scene
- In the inspector set on camera your terrain layer
- Adjust the inspector's settings to your liking

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