SINISTER SAUSAGE MAN Eyes Scream The Haunted Meat | Gameplay - Walkthrough - By HV Softworks

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Опубликован в 11 Aug 2020 / В Игры

SINISTER SAUSAGE MAN Eyes Scream The Haunted Meat | Gameplay - Walkthrough - By HV Softworks. Wild things are crawling in the dark fall. A night hunter sausage has appeared out of nowhere and is hunting everyone who is running scared. The nightcrawler sausage is one of the freaky eaters whose existence is a scary mystery. The sausage is a night hunter who loves dark fall so that it can hunt at night. Bendy sausage is a scary nightcrawler with an ultimate goal to kill and eat everyone. It has set its eyes on you. Save yourself from the scary mystery night hunter. Many wild things and freaky eaters roam around the place but no one scarier than the night hunter sausage. Do you want the dark fall nights to haunt you for the rest of your life? Play this amazing and most haunted game of 2020. The freaky eaters are out and finding people who are running scared. The night hunter sausage is after you. Run and hide by using joystick control. The nightcrawler sausage love dark fall so keep yourself away from open places or else you will be eaten by the scary mystery sausage. Complete different exciting and difficult tasks in each level. The time for each objective will be limited so you have to manage the time or the night hunter will know where you are and eat you. Some of the doors are locked and it will take an intelligent mind like you to open them. Stay away from the freaky eaters and look for the codes to open the locked doors. The nightcrawler sausage has sharp ears and can hear you if you make any noise. Running scared will not help you in getting away from the scary mystery sausage. Look for the best place to hide to avoid getting caught. You might have heard wild things about freaky eaters and scary mystery night hunter but this game will pull you into the dark fall realm of real scary mystery nightcrawler sausage. Interact with different wild things to look for hints and codes.
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