Giant PIGGY Escape - Gameplay - Walkthrough [Android - IOS]

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Опубликован в 11 Aug 2020 / В Игры

Giant PIGGY Escape - Gameplay - Walkthrough [Android - IOS] Welcome to this evil pig escape horror adventure game. This is about piggy adventure. Escape piggy challenge is a great way never be bored! It's a great idea to flip over the usual routine world and have new experience of playing piggy games. Pig can't wait to find you in the scary house inspired by Piggy family, don't let it do so. Piggy is a mad and scary. So big on visitors and especially unannounced one, so all piggy does is guard the place from intruders. To survive from piggy giant in this scary game, you will have to solve various puzzles, secrets, and escape while avoiding and escaping the piggy. The pig's goal is to kill you, or at least prevent you from escaping piggy. You will start the game at the piggy house and you need to make it out, there are many elements that you have to discover and unlock like the piggy maze and many puzzle in this horror game. And also Find the objects, remove locks, and escape from this creepy-house of piggy. Use everything to survive from this piggy giant in this creepy scary haunted house. In order for the pig to hunt you, the pig must see or hear your move. Be careful and try to avoid the pig and do not drop anything on the floor. The main goal is to find all the necessary items and use them correctly to escape from piggy giant. Scary piggy giant keeps you locked in his house. You don't have much time to escape. As the house of horrors is a large house, you need to find enough secret keys to escape. Don’t get too close to piggy.
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