French Education System Explained: Grandes Ecoles vs University

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The higher French Education system explained - what is up with these private Grandes Ecoles and how do they compare to the French University system? What are the differences between the students? How do their employment prospects stack up?

What is a Grande Ecole? You may have heard of the French Grandes Ecoles or French Business Schools. An elitist system with access given based on your ranking in a highly competitive exam after two years of preparatory school. An amazing network and professional experience is on offer here. Being private, they can also be very expensive. French universities on the other hand have their benefits too. They are free and focus much more on self-directed learning. The French university system, however, can be seen as too theoretical and often orientating students towards becoming researchers.

So, where to study in France? Is there a right way place to study in France? If you're thinking about studying in France then perhaps this video can help you to decipher the system.

What about you? Have you been to a French Grande Ecole? Or a French university? What do you think are the pros and cons of the two systems? I look forward to hearing from you down below!


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