Organic Pools airlfit pump system for a koi filter

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Юрий Антипов
Опубликован в 02 Dec 2019 / В Техника

With just a few tubes, a standard koi keeper's filter is adapted to use bubbles instead of a conventional water pump. It uses very little energy. One 40 watt air compressor could power several filters. A hybrid Natural/Organic pool uses external mechanical and biological filtration alongside the planted zone. This can be an option if space is tight as the size of the planted zone can be reduced. Such an external filter can also be used to remove debris from the pool.
A film by David Pagan Butler, a wild-haired bloke with glasses who invented the bubble powered Natural Swimming Pool.. For a free DIY pdf see: organicpools.co.uk
David's feature-length ORGANIC pools building film now showing on:

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