Which Lens Filter System Is Best For You?

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Юрий Антипов
Юрий Антипов
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If you're sick of screwing on and off lens filters every time you need them... it may be time to figure out which is the best lens filter system for you! In this video, we compare 4 different systems: the Alter RFS, Freewell Magnetic Filter, NiSi V6 and Haida M10 filter systems.

Links for more info and to purchase:
1:01 - Step Up Rings - https://geni.us/breakthroughstepup
2:40 - Alter RFS - http://bit.ly/alterrfs01
5:45 - Freewell Magnetic Filters - https://geni.us/x8rX1 (new magnetic step up rings - https://geni.us/freewellstepup)
7:45 - NiSi V6 Kit - https://geni.us/nisiv6
11:18 - Haida M10 Kit - https://geni.us/haidam10
13:55 - What works best for me.


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