DIY Home Water Filter (5 stage no RO)

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Юрий Антипов
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1 hour complete build video. Who loves ya baby?
Parts list: http://designedbyinstinct.com/waterfilters/

My take on a 5 stage water filter system. Lowest recurring filter cost. No reverse osmosis drawbacks.

Side note:
This setup is for a single dedicated drinking water faucet. It has great flow rate for that.
If you are looking to remove chlorine and/or chloramines from your whole house supply, you may need to go BIG.

See this page for info:

Catalytic carbon in large bulk bags ($120-150) is the only way to get rid of chloramines from most modern water treatment.
KDF55 only removes chlorine *not* the more dangerous chloramines.

Smaller 4.5" x 20" refillable filter canisters *might* be able to cheaply do your whole house or apartment supply.
Have not tested this personally.

Find out what water treatment is used in your area and act accordingly.

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