Scare SCARY Evil TEACHER 3D: Part 2 House Revenge | Gameplay - Walkthrough [Android - IOS]

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Опубликован в 21 Jul 2020 / В Игры

Scare SCARY Evil TEACHER 3D: Part 2 House Revenge | Gameplay - Walkthrough [Android - IOS] Let us welcome you to the super exciting comeback of scary teacher 2020: house revenge part 2 which is the best episode 2 of scary games & scary teacher games part 2. What is your worst fear ? You are going to the new school to find out that your class teacher is the new scary teacher of your nightmares who is very evil, cruel & scary who punishes the kids for no reason. say hello scary teacher in scary games & scary teacher games part 2 which is the house revenge. Scary teacher part 1 was in the school setting. But now you have scared her off in the school, she is so done with the school and she is going to leave the city and move into the new city and start a new life. But would you get her away that easy ? i don’t think so you had tolerated enough of her mean punishments but this is enough for now. Now you have to act up & teach the creepy crazy teacher a lesson for life which will give her taste of her own medicine which is bitter in many ways. the evil teacher is your spooky neighbor as she teaches the kids in the town school, so better get to her house before she does, where scary teacher is planning to leaving the city but don’t let her get away that easy as she has made your life living hell, teach her a lesson which she remember for the life time, prank the scary teacher in her in the different ways in the advanced levels of spooky games & scary teacher part 2 house revenge game. go to her big mansion & make yourself comfortable in her mansion in the hello scary teacher games part 2 house revenge.
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