Twins Babysitter Daycare Game #1 - Gameplay - Walkthrough [Android - ios]

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Twins Babysitter Daycare Game #1 - Gameplay - Walkthrough [Android - ios] Get Ready for fun Babysitting of Twin babies. Pregnant mother is being blessed by twins and now she is finding baby sitter to give her kids some mother care love and attention. Dig in! This is your responsibility. In this Simulator you have to take care of the cutest baby twins ever! They’re a so full of trouble & fun! Have some fun time with them.
Tasks to do in Twins Babysitter Daycare Game
• Give some mother love to these twins, Dress them up in adorable clothes
• Hunger, feed them with healthy and nutrition full of snacks, Don’t let them make mess
• Make them neat and tidy, give them a nice and soft bathe
• Be virtual mommy of silly twins, Take them to Theme park have a picnic time
• Tuck your babies in there bed – Good Night, Clumsy Twins
• Take care of new born baby in every manner, a family game for all ages of boys and girls
• Your day care should be neat and clean, Make it appropriate for all the kids
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