Grandpa Alien Escape Game [Part 2 Level 1 - 3] Gameplay Walkthrough [iOS - Android] Granny

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Grandpa Alien Escape Game [Part 2 Level 1 - 3] Gameplay Walkthrough [iOS - Android] Granny. The Alien has lost his pals in the town of kidnappers. It is up to him to keep undetected and rescue his friends from these ruthless kidnappers. During this mission the alien has to overcome many obstacles and complete several dangerous and thrilling tasks. Being undetected wont be easy as there are dogs and cameras to locate any intruder. The Alien has to muster the courage and save his friends, as he is their only and last hope.
Use the joystick to run in any direction and slide on screen to rotate view. These easy controls will help you in keeping an eye on the entire area. Tap on the items to collect them and Tap on action Button to perform it.
The Spooky environment and scary sound effects will keep the suspense and thrill level at its peak. Its creepy yet funny missions offer you hours of fun and excitement. Let’s download and have FUN!
Mysterious Journey!
Realistic Sound and Amazing Graphics!
Addictive Game Play!
Interesting Missions!
Smooth Controls!
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