TOP 1 Global Player ? Cyber Truck: Save the Globe - Gameplay - Walkthrough [Android - IOS]

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TOP 1 Global Player 🔴 Cyber Truck: Save the Globe - Gameplay - Walkthrough [Android - IOS] Cyber Truck: Save The Globe 🌎🌍🌏 has you rescuing Penguins stranded in the melting arctic & smashing greedy Oil Rigs, all in the name of saving our planet! Watch out for the trees! 🌲 Smashing them will jack up your CARBON FOOTPRINT! 🦶 We're trying to keep these emissions LOW!
The more oil rigs you smash down, the lower your footprint will be and don't forget to keep your Cyber Trucks battery CHARGED UP! Drive ENDLESSLY through the ❄️🔥 MELTING ARCTIC ICE CAPS. 🐧 Penguins will jump in your Cyber TRUNK as you pass by. Bring those little guys to the drop off zone for major BONUS POINTS! 🏆🥇🥈🥉Chart the top of the GLOBAL LEADERBOARDS and take your place as the #1 Globe Saver! Populate your ❄️ PENGUIN ISLAND ❄️ and build a penguin community! Customize penguins with unique names and unlockable hats! Give your penguins lots of love for huge coin rewards and also because they're just so cute!.We sincerely hope you enjoy our game! If you have any feedback, please submit a review or contact us directly through our website or on Instagram @9centgames!
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