Revolutionizing Nursing Education: Patricia Thomas at TEDxUTA

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Dr. Patricia Thomas is passionate about preparing the next generation of neonatal nurse practitioners to care for the most fragile infants. She brings more than 15 years of experience as a neonatal nurse practitioner (NNP) to her role as clinical assistant professor in the College of Nursing at UTA. As a member of the university's professional learning community on e-learning, Patricia believes that technology can improve student engagement and learning which can ultimately improve patient outcomes. In addition to learning about physiology and pathophysiology, nurses need opportunities to develop critical thinking and technical skills through clinical practice. Physical simulation has become integral to nurse practitioner education but students have limited access to mannequins and faculty who can facilitate simulations. Case scenarios in virtual environments allow anytime anywhere opportunities for student learning. Patricia was integral in the development of the virtual world of NNP education, nursingap.com. She is currently working on an interprofessional education project for graduate nursing and social work students in Second Life. When not immersed in virtual worlds, Patricia competes in dog agility with her Belgian Tervuren.

To check out this new software, please visit www.nursingap.com

The 2013 TEDxUTA Event @ The University Of Texas At Arlington

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