Insurance Licensing Exam Test Tips from Kaplan Financial Education

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Join Mary Orn and Julie Ramsey from Kaplan Financial Education as they discuss some key study tips for insurance licensing exams. Mary and Julie have helped thousands of students pass their insurance licensing exams and they’ve put together exam prep tips to help you.

Some of the exam prep ideas they discuss include:

1. Printing the state exam outline
2. Utilizing practice exams
3. Time management
4. Using scratch paper on the exam
5. Reading the full questions on the exam
6. Pacing yourself
7. Watching out for the “except” questions
8. Knowing the testing site

Find out more about Kaplan Financial Education courses and study materials for Insurance Licensing exams, Securities Licensing exams and Insurance Continuing Education (CE) credits today by visiting http://www.kfeducation.com or by calling us at 800-824-8742.

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