Better space, better education? Japan's alternative kindergarten (Learning World: S5E41, 1/3)

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The architecture of this Japanese kindergarten is striking: it has an oval shape which frames a garden, trees are growing through the roof of the building. Slides lead the way into the garden and animals are part of the establishment. There are no internal walls, so the children hear the noises from neighbouring classes, helping them hone their concentration skills. But what is the purpose of this odd architecture?

Its architect, Takaharu Tezuka, has designed it to fulfill the need for doing the same thing over and over again. Through repetition, children investigate the world: the roof serves as a running track, as a place to interact with the trees growing below. It offers a room to the children where they can learn about the risks of growing up...learn more about this special kindergarten!

What role do trees, plants and outdoor spaces play in a child’s cognitive development? https://youtu.be/YTL3IJ4dXQ0
Can exceptional architectural design make a difference to the way we learn? https://youtu.be/unSw_u7KEfQ

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