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Опубликован в 09 Oct 2019 / В Фильмы

At a small exhibition on the US military chaplains history, in a Lutheran seminary in the city of St. Louis of Missouri a very strange letter is exhibited. It was signed by the top commanders of the Third Reich! Göring, Frank, Kaltenbrunner, Speer, Keitel, Ribbentrop ... All were the defendants of the the International military tribunal at Nuremberg - 21 people!
The letter is addressed to the usual American homemaker Alma Gereke, the wife of pastor Henry Gereke, who was sent to Nuremberg to try to return the defendants to obedience.
The Nazi criminals were imploring the pastor's wife to let him stay with them until the end. And the end was one for all of them - the execution ...
Henry Gereke had never publicly spoken on his mission at the IMT. He pledged his word to remain tight-lipped about the events of those days. Why? This became known only now.
This is the first documentary about a priest who dared to enter the Nuremberg prison with an infeasible mission - to try to save the souls of those who had killed millions of people.
Did the Nazis feel repentance? What did they think about before the execution? What were their last words? How did they face death? Who, after all, helped Hermann Göring to quit the gallows?
Answers to these questions, as well as the terrifying confession of Niklas, the son of the Polish Butcher Hans Frank, Governor General of the occupied Poland, who has devoted his life to anathematize the memory of his father are revealed in the documentary film "Execution."

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