FIRST CLASS TRAIN to PARIS - 24 hours in Paris with a €100,- budget!

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Paris in one day with €100,- budget for two persons?
We’ve booked the Thalys from Amsterdam to Paris. We are going to show you the first class lounge and the train ride.

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Furthermore, in this vlog we want to show you some beautiful sightings. Some classic points of interest and other less well known sightings. We saw Paris in just one day by scooter. We are going to show you how we did this. Also with a tight budget of €100,- for one day we tried to see as much as possible.

Here is a list of all the places we saw, in the order we saw them:

- Saint-Pierre de Montmartre
- Place du Tertre
- Sacre coeur
- Square Louise Michel
- Wall of love
- La Madeleine
- Luxury shopping streets (Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore, Avenue Montaigne, Rue François 1er)
- State office Le Palais de L’Élysée
- Jardines des Champs-Élysées
- Palace de la Concorde (we did not have been inside)
- Arc de Triomphe
- Palais de Chaillot
- Eiffel Tower
- Pont Alexandre III
- Palais Bourbon
- Louvre

In my blog (date 12 January) there is a picture of the route that we take by scooter and which part we walked. The explanation of how to take this scooter and use the app will be explained. The blog will also be in English soon (14 January)

Did we manage to keep our budget?

Hotel: €50,-
Food (breakfast, lunch and diner!): €39,20,-
Transport (20 Euro’s for the scooter and 3,80 for metro): €23,80
Entertainment (2 tickets carrousel): €5,-

Total: €118,80

So if you plan to see inside all places of interest you need a budget that will stretch to €200,-. You will be sightseeing for approximately 13 hours.. therefore I would recommend two days of Paris ;)

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