Mayesh Design Star: Florist Tips, Tricks and Hacks

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Through the years, Kaylee Young has collected many florist tips, tricks, and hacks that she wanted to share for this month's video. Starting with some tools that she always keeps in her bag. Her top picks include floral clippers, shears, Oasis cold glue, liners, 3M Command Hooks, zip ties, and a spray bottle. Other than your go-to tools, what are your favorite florist tools and hacks that you like to have on hand for your events?

Head to the blog for product links and be sure to watch to the very end of this video for some other "hacks" from Kaylee that includes what to do with all of those leftover centerpieces. Visit: https://www.mayesh.com/mds-flo....rist-tips-tricks-and

Host: Kaylee Young, Flourish by Kay http://www.flourishbykay.com/
Videography: Logan Martin, Talewind Visuals

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