My TOP 10 Must Learn Capoeira Moves

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This is a small guide/tutorial on how to do and perform some capoeira exercises.

The Following is my recommended top 10 capoeira moves you must learn to perfection, they are fundamentals in order to have a good capoeira base, however these exercises only represent my personal view and advice.

These exercises do not represent the entire capoeira community all groups have their own techniques and philosophies also names of moves might change from group to group.

Important note: Before attempting to learn Capoeira you should seek profesional help Could be a Capoeira Master or a qualified teacher with ten proper aval from his respective Master, Capoeira is a serious discipline that involves tradition and history and fundamentals, these are passed from Master to student and so on.

Lets get to work.

1. GINGA Is the most important move, Ginga is the fight stand for Capoeira, it develops body control in both sides of the body.

2. ARMADA Is an spinning technique that with the right control is a great kick to lure the opponent into a most efficient Capoeira kick.

3. QUEIXADA Is a kick that focus on breaking the opponent momentum by changing the direction of the body, it's aimed to hit the chin, however is not a power kick but is great to lure as well.

4. AU is the base for all the acrobatics in capoeira, also a great movement to get out of trouble.

5. MEIA LUA RABO DE ARRAIA Is one of the most powerful kicks in Capoeira, it's power comes from the full body rotation while aiming to hit with the heel, there are a few other variations of this kick that can increase the power of it, so be careful when throwing these in the roda.

6.BENÇAO Power push kick, excellent for a straight forward attack, doing it proper can kick someone out of the roda.

7. RASTEIRA DE FRENTE Excellent counter attack technique it also great at getting you out of trouble while being attack by the opponent.
You can also use it as a way to move around the roda.

8. PARADA DE MAOS (BANANEIRA) This type of handstand represents the plantain plantations, is simulates the plant. Also great for showing off handstand control.

9. MACACO Trademark move of capoeira, also first base for learning more difficult transitions and losing the fear of dropping backwards.

10. XANGO Backhand spring, combining this move with AU can help you increase your body speed when performing difficult moves such as backflips and front-flips.

BONUS - BACKFLIP I put this one as a bonus move, you must have it eventually as a way to round your overall game, having a backflip will help you achieve more hard power jumps.
But it takes time and practice, so if you have good but if you don't eventually you will learn it.
Thats why is a bonus move.

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