Citroen Tribute - Hydropneumatic suspension 1954-2018

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Tribute to the worlds most innovative car make CITROEN.

Video intended for fellow citroen enthusiasist. Dont watch, dont like, dont subscribe if you are not :)

Last hydropneumatic car, C5 x7 was built 2.6.2017. Slowly disappearing from market.

Tribute to all the people behind citroen, that realy created the best cars with best effort. We will never forget the biggest names
Andre Citroen, Andre Lefebvre, Robert Opron, Flaminio Bertoni and Paul Magés the father of hydropneumatic suspension, Diravi and other stuff. Rest in peace.

This is also thank you, for all citroen positive fans and hydractivers. And to the french engineering and pioneers, which gave us transmission, front wheel drive, hatchbacks, vans, and much more things that formed cars as we know them today.

Hydropneumatic suspension started in Traction Avant and 2CV prototypes in 1954. Ended with C5 III (x7) in 2017. When C5 sales were under 15 000 pieces per year.

Therefore this is not tribute to PSA management and marketing, which every 5 years turns 180 degrees back to customer, especially Carlos Tavares and Linda Jackson. They are responsible for whole midlle class segment C5 & C6 failure after (2008). They are also responsible for ending hydropneumatic suspension and divorcing citroen to unusable unpractical DS cars and quirky cheap citroen cars.

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