Защита от угрозы ножом к шее сзади # 1. Самооборона 100 %

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Опубликован в 17 Nov 2019 / В Разное

Клуб Самооборона 100 %
Инструкторский курс. День 4
Защита от угрозы ножом

KNIFE TO NECK: The assailant approaches from behind and holds a blade to Max Stepanov`s neck. As soon as he senses the danger, Max moves his hands to a ready position thats outside the mans field of view. Max uses both hands to immobilize the knife hand, then quickly spins under the trapped limb so the throat is no longer behind him. The self-defense 100 % expert uses the mans own knife to stab him in the ribs. He repeats the stab as many times as necessary, driving him backward as he goes. Note how he keeps the mans arm wedged between his head and shoulder to prevent him from moving the elbow and using the weapon.

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