First Lady Michelle Obama on Girls' Education - WISE 2015 Special Address

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US First Lady Michelle Obama gives her keynote speech on educating girls worldwide at this year's World Innovation Summit for Education Opening Ceremony.

She focused on the importance of adolescent girls' education and our need to support them as equal citizens with equal potential as our adolescent boys. Gender parity in primary schools across the world has greatly improved but there is still a critical gap between the scolarisation of teenage girls and teenage boys in secondary schools and beyond. For the First Lady, investing in girls' education needs to be accompanied by dramatic changes in our attitude towards the role of women in our societies.

"We cannot address our girls' education crisis until we address the cultural norms and practices that devalue women's intelligence, that silence their voices and limit their ambitions."

In her inspiring keynote address, First Lady Michelle Obama encourages men and women to hold the same dreams for their daughters as they do for their sons - not just for the girls themselves but also for the development of our societies as a whole.

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