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"Red Bird" by Florist off the LP/CD/Cassette/Digital album 'If Blue Could be Happiness' out on Double Double Whammy September 29th, 2017.

Purchase LP/CD/CS: https://smarturl.it/FloristIBCBH

So I see myself
A mother’s only daughter in the Red of the earth
Tell the bluejays, “come inside”
You love to watch them, now so do I
Little specks of us in my mind I can see you
but sometimes I can’t look
And it only gets harder
Because I only love you more

When I’m looking for home
and It’s right across the pond
and the sun is starting to fall
and my feet are getting cold
I know

So I feel like this
We both feel so much I know it from the years
I’ve watched you live
and the sunrise always came
and it sometimes made you happy

And if I was afraid
you told me not to be
but were you afraid

I understand the birds now that I’ve learned
some things
Yeah, I think

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