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Learn coding for beginners with these top websites.

Learners of age 16+ can learn coding languages like Python, Java, Ruby, C+. C++. HTML and CSS.

Learn what is coding, gain knowledge of different types of coding languages, and practice with projects.

Some of the websites given in the video are free, while others have freemium subscription plans. Many of these coding for beginners platforms teach coding through hands-on learning activities.

On some platforms like freecodecamp.org you can also practice your knowledge with real-life projects.

You can easily carry out python projects for beginners and other projects to code websites, apps, games and animations.

These websites teach with activities, tutorials for beginners, videos, etc.

Some of these platforms also have user communities, which can be used to share knowledge, get help and explore new projects.

Visit this full list of 24 websites to learn to code for younger learners and beginners: http://www.edutechpost.com/cod....ing-for-kids-free-we

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