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Konichiwa Everyone !! Welcome to My channel ASHNATV I am an Indian in Japan! !In my channel I talk about my life in Japan, lifestyle in Japan, different Japanese culture and a life of a study abroad student in Japan. I have been in Japan for almost 4 years. If you planning to study in Japan my channel might be the one which can help you !! Do hit that subscriber button !! Thank you !!

Learning a language is really difficult I know !! especially Japanese. I learned Japanese 4 years ago and it was the most stressfull part of my life, but while I was studying Japanese I figuren out some tracks which helped me learn the language better !! So I wanted to help you all who are or want to learn Japanese !! I hope this tips will help you guys !!

let me know how did it go for you !!

Follow me on my social media for more updates on Japan and Life of an Indian in Japan !!

INSTAGRAM -- https://www.instagram.com/ashnatv

SNAPCHAT - ashnaindia

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Indiangirlin...

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