How to shoot free kicks like LIONEL MESSI | Learn Messi skills

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Lionel Messi free kick tutorial - learn how to score free kicks goals like Lionel Messi! In this tutorial episode Joltter teaches you how to shoot free kicks like Lionel Messi. Great free kick ability is one of the most exciting football skills to have in your locker and Messi has been perfecting his free kick football skills especially during the last few years - scoring lots of amazing free kick goals - and his free kick technique definitely deserves a full-on breakdown and tutorial! Make sure to catch to full free kick tutorial right away to awesome football skills on how to shoot free kicks like Lionel Messi!

Lionel Messi free kick technique is basically a perfectly executed curve shot - and to do that you want to have enough angle on your run up to the ball, strike the ball with your instep and make sure to hit the side of the ball to generate enough spin. But there's more that goes into Messi and his free kick skills - Messi is able to score free kick goals from all areas and keep the goalkeeper guessing by having the ability to put the ball in either corner of the goal! For all the tips and tricks on how to learn awesome Messi free kick skills, check out the video above right now!

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