Almag 01 Introduction and Demonstration

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Dr. Pawluk explains how the Almag 01 works along with a short demonstration and Almag 01 review.
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The Almag 1 is a Russian designed PEMF system. The Russians have been working with PEMFs for over 40 years. They have the most clinical experience of any other country in this area, as part of the former USSR. This system uses their own unique "traveling" magnetic fields which allow for higher field intensities but also reduced adaptation or tolerance to the PEMF stimulation. With all these advantages, they are able to keep the cost of owning one to a very acceptable level, given the potential health benefit.

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Dr. William Pawluk, MD, is considered the foremost authority on the use of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy for pain in North America. He has been using PEMF Therapy in his personal medical practice for years and has helped hundreds of doctors and practitioners find the right PEMF devices for their practice. He’s constantly looking at different magnetic systems to complement the ones he already trusts. From years of working with static magnets and now PEMF therapy devices, he has treated or supported the treatment of thousands of individuals – himself, family members, neighbors, pets, patients and the curious.

Dr. Pawluk is a practical medically and holistically trained physician. He is a formerly Board-Certified family physician with a practice near Baltimore, Maryland. He has had academic appointments at Johns Hopkins and the University of Maryland as well as training in acupuncture, homeopathy, hypnosis, and bodywork. He specializes in pain management techniques without medication and has used PEMF therapy successfully to treat neuropathy, injuries, and over 50 other conditions.

▬▬ WHY PEMFs? ▬▬

PEMFs (compared to other alternative pain solutions such as laser, ultrasound, TENS, and even acupuncture) have the best value for the cost because magnetic therapy goes all way through the body, is very safe and is available for home use. PEMF Therapy is also beneficial to a much wider range of conditions including insomnia and weight loss. The availability for home use is critical. Many therapies, including Electromagnetic therapy, are most effective if you can perform treatments daily. However, it is not always possible to visit your doctor daily. Therefore, it’s much better for patients/individuals to own their own PEMF devices for daily home use. Proper instruction is an important part of individuals seeing success from doing their own home PEMF treatments.


My goal is to bring the benefits of this extraordinary therapy to as many people as possible by sharing the research into the amazing results that PEMF Therapy can achieve across a wide spectrum of health conditions and physiologic functions. In order to be able to help the most people with alternative treatments for chronic pain, I work diligently to keep up-to-date and be the most informed on what research has been done and what works best and share these developments with the public and the medical community.

When a doctor or skeptic says there is no evidence to support the use of PEMFs or magnet therapy for pain, my hope is that this channel and my website will help to demonstrate that just because it’s not considered standard medical care doesn’t mean it’s not valuable.


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