The World's GREATEST SCAM - Truth About Education

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Have you been #scammed before? If the answer is no, we will respectfully challenge you. If you've attended a U.S. Public School and an #University... Congratulations, you have been a victim of a #scam. However you define this "scam", you are being taken advantaged of by the top 1%... Here's our explanation.

Infamous success stories like #SteveJobs, #MarkZuckerberg, #BillGates and #JamesCameron all realised that they were getting scammed and decided to choose differently. This video will allow you to do the same... Choose different and you will get different results in your life.

The Rich and the wealthy are always taking a different route to get educated. For over 700 years, the wealthy were always 10 steps ahead of the poor it terms of education. But in the recent years, thanks to the internet age, the access to the wealthy education is now even possible. And no, we're not talking about the 4 year college education. In fact, the 4 year college degree is considered the poor people's education today. Don't get blinded by the false social norms. That's EXACTLY where the large corporate wealthy entities want you to believe to continue supplying them of human capital and employees.

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