What Apple Can Learn From Microsoft Surface

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I’ve said it innumerable times already: The history of human technology is the history of foldables. From books to wallets, flip phones to laptops. We just love taking big, wide things and folding them smaller if thicker to carry around.

Eventually, we’ll go that way with at least some modern, mobile devices as well. Eventually.

Apple’s reportedly been kicking around foldable projects since back in the days of iPhone 4 but hasn’t found anything they’d be happy turning into a shipping product yet. For them, the technology just isn’t mature enough yet. It’s still nursery school. Kindergarten.

And that’s ok. That’s Apple. There were years of Windows Mobile and a decade of Tablet PC before we got the iPhone and iPad, and Microsoft Spot before we got the Apple Watch.

Apple wants to learn from this before they do that. But for us nerds, this is still super interesting.

Now, what Microsoft showed off weren’t technically foldables. They were more like… hingeables?

Tech media is going to continue to misuse the term innovation to mean stunt or gimmick or dopamine hit to their increasingly bored and cynical brain stems, or in this case, experiment, and that’s fine. That’s the topic for a future video.

But, experiment is what these are. And that’s also fine.

My colleague, Windows Central’s Daniel Rubino, has a full video up on all this, so check that out, but here’s my scorching hot take.

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